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UNBY General Store Sanda

Updated: Mar 2

Coffee and a Tent... anyone?

Now... just to the North East of Sanda in Hyogo prefecture is a coffee stop that can encourage you to dust off your sleeping bag and backpack and head for the nearest campground. The location has a store selling a variety of camping gear, more suited to car campers than bikers, but with friendly and helpful staff, you could easily be persuaded to part with some of your cash and come away with a little gizmo, that might enhance your camping credibility.

The small cafe provides a limited food menu, but its variety is just enough to enjoy sitting outside (no indoor seating available) and partaking in a light snack, while overlooking Senjoji Lake, a reservoir and popular fishing destination. The veranda provides some bench seating and chairs along with one of the many tents (which you can purchase inside) that you can sit in and experience while sipping at that fresh coffee.

The photo above was taken when water was in demand and a little sparse, but when the reservoir is full, it's an even more attractive view that you can enjoy while taking that well-earned break from your travels. Parking is not an issue here, as there is a small parking area adjacent to the main building and a larger car park is located just across the road, next to the Aono dam wall and park.

If you feel a little more adventurous, then you can rent one of their EV Fat bicycles, scooters or even a small EV jeep, for those of a smaller stature.

While you're in the location, why not take a trip around the lake and pull in to one of the many parking lots dotted around the shoreline, to take in another vista or even get out that fishing rod and try your hand at landing the BIG one! Worth a trip on any day and the last of which I enjoyed watching a lightning storm pass overhead, while sheltering under the veranda's vast porch. The UNBY General Goods Store is well worth a visit, even if you're not the outdoorsy type.


Hyogo, Sanda, Sue, 2189

Japan 669-1303


+81 79 550 9033

Web site

Opening hours

Please see Google Maps for various times of opening.


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