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about me

Hi. I'm Glynn. An enthusiastic motorcyclist & Japanophile.

Life has turned my handlebars toward Japan, after residing in the UK,  Europe and the U.S.A. for many years. I now enjoy living life on these amazing islands.


Born in the UK and having followed a varied career, gaining work experience through adaptation and fast learning I now, from onboard my motorcycle, have the opportunity to write and illustrate, while I travel Japan. From where I hope to discover my ikigai.

My aim, through my motoblog MotoKenko, is to give you an experience of Japan travel. Supply a few motorcycling, trail running, and hiking routes along the way and provide some secrets in how to promote a healthier lifestyle.

​Practicing Buddhism & Reiki, I continue to try my best in caring for, embracing and respecting our planet and all of its inhabitants.


Contact me by using my contact page and I would be grateful if you could please familiarise yourself with my terms & conditions.

Glynn at Daigo-ji Temple, Kyoto
Daigo-ji Temple, Kyoto
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