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Local Awaji Sea Bream Noodles

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Now... if you just happen to be passing through Fukura, maybe stopping off to climb aboard a Whirlpool Cruise to the Naruto Straits or visiting the famous Awaji Puppet Theatre, and fancied a lunch time snack, then you cannot go wrong if you pull over into the parking lot, located in a corner behind the Puppet Theatre and enjoy a local treat... a steaming bowl of Sea Bream Ramen Noodles.

This little eatery is positioned among a few other small diners, so you have a choice of lunch time snacks. But I would certainly recommend first trying this Sea Bream Ramen speciality. Combining the local Uzushio Sea Bream soup stock with Ramen. This tasty fish can be found just around the corner swimming amongst the Naruto Whirlpools, giving this fish a remarkable fat content brought about by the necessity to swim amongst such strong sea currents.


The menu might be small but the combination of dishes include White & Red Sea Bream tantan with noodles and side dishes of rice. Accompanied by roasted Ebisu Mochi Pork locally farmed on Awaji Island. What ever you do... do not leave any of the stock in the bottom of the bowl... that's where the tasty secret lives!

Reasonably priced food provided by helpful and friendly staff will make this a go to on your travels around Awaji Island.

you can't get much friendly or more helpful... they're helping you....look for the banner!


1526-2 Fukurako, Minamiawaji City, Hyogo Prefecture Challenge Mall Fukura CAP 656-0501


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All roads lead to & from... A Pit Stop

Route & Road recommendations:

28 South from the Akashi Kaikyo Bridge and follow the coastline onto the 76 and Fukura

25 from Fukura, North & onto the 31 and coastal views of the Seto Inland Sea

Inland on the 28 quickly gets you to Sumoto & its undiscovered back roads and Cafes


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