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Cafe Brass

Proof you can dine... with Classic Vehicles

It seemed that I had inadvertently bumped into a collection of my own motoring history. As I entered Cafe Brass, I was immediately drawn to the collection of cars and motorcycles parked inside the cafe dining area. A mix of the owners family motorcycles and vehicles supported by a backdrop of photos, artwork and models. All highlighting the heady days of the 60's, 70's & 80's.

more like a showroom

The Mini most definitely brought back some memories of my first daily driver Mark I/II slide side windowed rust trap (never by a used Mini, at night, under sodium street lights in Lincoln City, if you can help it) and later a, Mini Thirty. But the Cafe Brass owners particular example was a well restored and cared for example of a great classic car.

with comfy chairs, if your staying for a while... and you will!

The Triumph Spitfre reminded me of helping my RAF (Royal Air Force) mate restore his white Triumph GT6 back in the 80's to ensure it could become his, babe magnet! Not sure if he was successful in that department, but the GT6 certainly made a good noise.

As for the bikes well... I'd owned an old BMW R60/6 at the same time as the Mini which was used as my daily rider back and forth to the air base I was then serving at. It was a great ride and sounded like a boxer should! Of a similar design to the immaculate BMW R90/S that presented itself in the cafe, alongside the BMW GS and a BSA.

a sneaky BSA Bantam crept in?

neither really concourse material, but reliable to the end

The walls of the cafe are festooned with classic signage, badges, workshop manuals paintings and newspaper cuttings, all singing out the owners enthusiasm to everything motorsport. Even with an old sewing machine, reminding me of my Mothers proud devotion and skill to seamstressing.

a machine missing a great seamstress... Hey Mum!?

a couple of classic Honda CB twins also made a show as you approached the cashiers desk.

I only had a small coffee and cake on the day of my visit, but the menu was extensive enough for any passing traveller and well presented. I have also heard very good feedback from others on the quality of food... so enjoy your visit, both with your taste buds and your eyes. And if you get close enough, your nose can inhale the history and fun times from those vehicles!

good coffee... good cake!


32ー1 Kirihata, Toyono, Toyono District, Osaka 563-0213


+81 072 703 3607


Opening hours

Please see Google Maps for times of opening (times may vary).

All roads lead to & from... A Pit Stop

Route & Road recommendations:

423 South from the Cafe and then onto the 605 & 4 North

423 North, left onto 608 & 4, visit the Giant Zelkova of Noma and onto the 104 North

109 East & left onto the 43 North along the 733 towards Kyoto

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Some great steeds and sewing machine 👌

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