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3 Roastery

Know your Beans

Before I start, I would just like to point out that I'm not the world's biggest coffee fan and not a big fan of English tea, for that matter. But there comes a time when if something is presented in its simplest form along with an explanation of its origins and how it is likely to taste along with the compounds of its aroma, then.... I might just become a convert to coffee drinking by being able to actually identify exactly what this brown stuff in a cup actually is and enjoy what before was just the same warm caffeine drink. Starbucks and Peet's... take note!

Mike, the owner, with over 15 years of roasting and brewing experience, established the 3 Roastery around 2018 in the small rural town of Tamba. Mike is friendly and knowledgeable and is both fluent in Japanese and English. He'll be able to direct you to a particular coffee based on your tastes and preferences. I didn't realise how complex and how extensive roasting coffee could be, but I came away more knowledgeable and with a newfound enjoyment in drinking coffee. I'll never be able to look at a Starbucks barrister again without a slight smirk on my face.

view from the parking lot

The 3 Roastery is located in a renovated traditional Japanese residence with adequate parking in front and set amongst the stunning countryside of Hyogo prefecture and can be reached by journeying on some amazing twisty roads through steep wooded mountains and rice field valleys.

beans always freshly available

you can even sample the aromas before hand

If you know your beans, then you will not be disappointed at the 3 Roastery. A pleasant environment to enjoy excellent coffee and make new friends. Mike will gladly help you discover something new about coffee.

I am so tempted to call Mike... Mr. Bean!


422-1 Ogura, Aogaki, Tamba, Hyogo 669-3812, Japan


+81 795 88 5777

Web site

Opening hours

Please see Google Maps for various times of opening.

All Roads Lead to... A Pit Stop

Route & Road recommendations:

427 North from Nishiwaki to 3Roastery

429 East from Ikuno through the Aogaki Pass to 3Roastery

427 From 3Roastery North to Wadayama

429 From 3Roastery East to Fukuchiyama


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