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Riders Cafe S.U. Club

Updated: Feb 29

The club that gives you wings and The Cuban

Positioned just outside Seishin New Town to the north west of Kobe City alongside Highway 83, is a custom built Cafe with one purpose in mind… to welcome bikers of all kinds. Established in 2021 a great deal of effort has been made to theme the cafe and the surrounding buildings to make all two wheeled enthusiasts feel at home, in a retro 60’s feel environment.

You place your meal order at the window of the small yellow cabin in the parking lot and either wait for your order while chatting with fellow riders around the bikes or make your way inside to the 60’s themed cafe bar. Here you’ll find many memorabilia (some available for purchase) and a comfortable two level seating area. Viewing the enameled signage, cigarette tin collections, motorcycle jewelry and S.U. Club t-shirts will keep you occupied while listening to a great soundtrack of 60’s, 70’ & 80’s rock.

If it’s not too busy your order will be brought to you by the polite and very friendly staff. Now… if you’ve ordered the Cuban Sandwich… be prepared! With plenty of napkins and an appetite. When I last visited I ordered half a Cuban (I’d heard previously about this legend) and knew that to eat a whole one might mean not being able to lift my stomach and leg over the bike. And with no way of returning home, other than to burn the Cuban off with a 20 km trek across the fields… Lol.

This is one tasty sandwich comprising of a variety of cut meats, cheese, pickles a secret sauce and surrounded by a very rich and buttery homemade bread roll. Conveniently cut into hand sized pieces. You will not be disappointed! This is one fine tasting sandwich. For photos of The Cuban Sandwich, please visit Google Maps at their location... I just ate it too fast to have time to take a I accompanied it with a very robust and tasty coffee. Now, of course, there are other items on the menu of which I intend to try on my next return. But please do not miss out on this truly biker sized feast of a sandwich. Just make sure you wash your hands before placing them inside your bike gloves, otherwise you’ll be enjoying that savory aroma for weeks to come. Maybe that’s a good thing! Reminding you to return to the S.U. Club……soon!

The S.U. Club also has a small workshop, tire pumps etc. if you have the urge to fettle your ride. And a small smoking area is provided if you feel the need to smoke something other than your tires. This cafe has been a recent creation but one that shows its owners enthusiasm for bikes and food. Supported by a friendly and helpful staff that are willing to talk about anything motorcycles. Even on rainy days this cafe can support a great atmosphere and if you bring along a load of mates and talk nothing but bikes, it'll make for a great day out!


144, Hiranocho Kuroda

Nishi, Kobe, Hyogo

Japan 651-2268


+81 78 940 6501

Web site

Not available

Opening hours Please see Google Maps for various times of opening.


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