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A new year a new approach

Updated: Jan 19, 2022

Or is it the same approach?

You could say that 2021 was a little stagnant! But, of course, the mind and body were not. The mind produced thoughts of new possibilities, ideas both positive and negative and, of course, the body grew a little older, but still celebrated its longevity.

Now, because of Corony (a Spitting Image UK TV show catchphrase for Covid19), my plans to travel freely, here and there on my motorcycle, were somewhat curtailed. But some people did decide to enjoy these quieter times for travel, ignored the risk of transmission, and went ahead anyway with their explorations. I decided that I would play my part in adhering, as best I could, to government guidelines and so reduced my travels and social contact, almost to a standstill.

Of course, this self-imposed exile had its repercussions! Limited content for the website and difficulties in socialising trying to gain more in-site into Japan and its treasures. But I stand by my decision and look back on 2021 as a year of being very fortunate, as my family in the UK recovered from Corony (all better now) and to not have had peoples worries about the possibility of looming unemployment, growing debts and the anxiety of losing their lofty hierarchical position in some online social media bun fight.

Winter is now upon us and travel on two wheels is slightly more restricted, when snow and ice are about. So I've turned to trail running and hiking to get me through to the first cherry blossoms. Now where I live is just walking distance to the trails, ridges and magnificent vistas overlooking the Seto Inland Sea, giving me plenty of opportunity to improve my overall fitness, while maintaining some kind of social distancing. Along, with my Buddhist annual training practices for the months of January and February and my determination to improve on my Reiki transmission skills, things are off to a good start.

That brings me on to planning! Something that I seemed to have lacked during 2021. Unusually so, as I can be a little OCD regarding the motorcycle, house and cleaning etc. and given my military background, I should have been more organised. So…. In comes another application for me to get my head around (Moleskine Journey) along with the determination to plan out my day a little more wisely.

With so many ideas from last year buzzing around my head, I do really need to prioritise and hopefully have something more tangent to show for my efforts in 2022. So I must apologise for the lack of content in 2021 and would like to take this opportunity to give Corony a really good kick up the derriere!! And say… Move Over Corony! We know that we now have to coexist, but just remember that humanities ability to recover comes in many forms. A new year a new approach? YES definitely a NEW approach.

Next article coming up….. HEALTH

Wishing everyone a very Happy & Safe



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