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Gaerne G Rocket GoreTex Boots Review

Updated: Apr 8

The G Rocket GoreTex has been designed for sport-racing and yet also comfortable off the bike. The upper made of microfiber and highly wear resistant. Lateral air vent perforations to improve inside ventilation and comfort. They incorporate high protective features, such as malleolus reinforcement, shift pad and heel protection. The closure is fast and functional thanks to a mixed system of laces and Velcro Strap, enriched with a micro injected insert to facilitate grip. The exclusive compound rubber sole is integrated with the upper design and offers maximum grip and wear resistance. Internal breathable and antibacterial membrane. The G Rocket comes with a Gore-Tex Extended membrane for increased breathability. (lyrical promotion banter courtesy of Gaerne's marketing department).

They sound almost good enough to eat, but...

image courtesy of Gaerne Boot Company

If you're like me, a diehard for full length boots, then strapping on a pair of these was something of a sacrilege! (where is this review going?) anyway, after suffering the humidity of last summer in my trusty second pair of, now named, BMW Motorrad Gotthard boots and with the advancements made in boot/shoe construction I did my research and came across the Gaerne G Rocket GTX's.

Now, as of present, most of my riding is being done mostly on road and with the abundance of other vehicles sharing the highways, I am always conscious of possible side impacts. As the T7 is equipped with metal side cases and crash protectors around the front fairing, then some of the issues of crush injuries from the side might have been taken care of. And during the winter months and camping/touring trips, I mount a couple of Kriega 10 litre bags either side on the front crash bars, that help with a little extra wind protection and provide a little extra cushioning, if hit from the side.

So the consideration of a shorter and lighter boot was possible. The design of these boots was the first thing that caught my eye, but the lack of a zip entry did not! After checking out the construction, and its quality I persuaded myself that I could forgive Gaernes' oversight and give them a go. And as it turned out, the requirement to tie up a pair of laces was actually less hassle than I thought. The laces were thick and slid easily through the lace holes and then could be neatly tucked in between the top of the boot and the velcro strap, thus securing them without the possibility of getting snagged on the footrests or foot levers.

The heal protection does not feel intrusive and the sole feels stiff but, this was to be expected as it's been strengthened and the rear loop was helpful in allowing quick and easy entry into and out of the boot.

With any short boot comes the question of the length of your pants! Because looking like you're wearing your shorter brother's hand me down, is just not a cool look! So before taking these boots out for a test ride, a sit on the bike trying out a variety of my motorcycling pants was definitely a necessity. Luckily I had previously purchased said pants with this issue in mind, even when wearing knee-length boots. So the experiment was a success and the next issue of protection had to be considered.... short or long socks?

Even in the summer months, hazards still abound and one of them is most definitely airborne! Just the thought of the well known Japanese Hornet making its merry way up the outside of my ankle and facing no protection was just not an option. Thankfully, sock manufacturers nowadays are very inventive with different materials and weaves, so some thin and long natural fibre socks, such as Merino Wool, were the way to go. Now, of course, a sting can still penetrate, but I live in the hope that the initial landing on something wooly and not salty skin was less attractive to the said intruder.

The other benefit of a good sock is to avoid the gravel pinging off the road and passing vehicles. And the sock experiment is still ongoing, so any advice on preferred manufactures is likely to be in a future review. Meanwhile, let's just say that Merino is the way forward at the moment.

The boots? Well, at first they were a little tight and as leather will have some give over time I've put in some extra effort to walk in them, unlike a larger boot that most of the time it's just preferable to stay wearing on the bike. And this brings me on to another advantage of a shorter boot. As if it's not uncomfortable enough to have to walk around at your destination in your armoured clothing, a pair of heavier and taller boots does not help in the presentation of a sweaty profile of a biker strolling through the local tourist attractions!

So... likes so far? Well, things are stacking up in favour of the Gaerne G Rocket GTX's as summer gear, easier to wear, more breathable because of the excellent venting, which is of course, is slightly hindered by the Goretex membrane (yet to be tested). But a trade off that I'm willing to make. The styling, I think, looks good and the colour way... of course...matches the bikes! Oh! Vanity! Only time will tell and, like any product used over a long period, wear and tear will prove these boots longevity. It's just that the side impact of ANY boot I am still just not willing to test and so inevitably.... it's this issue that still niggles. Oh! But for the advantage of having COOL boots.

Price on Amazon July 2023 - USD $177.50


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