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Nippon San Intro

Updated: Aug 3, 2022

Japan is a group of islands located in the Pacific Ocean lying off the eastern coast of the continent of Asia.

Tori gates. Portals into Japan.

“an attention to detail in everyday experiences.”

Japan, the Land of the Rising Sun, inherits this descriptive title from the Kanji characters used to write Japan, “Sun Origin”.

Japan is a group of islands in the Pacific Ocean lying off the eastern coast of the continent of Asia. Many thousands of years ago these islands had been attached to Asia, but eventually, the earth tectonic plates separated and the islands drifted eastward, away from Asia.

The inhabitants of these islands had taken their DNA from Asia and evolved in isolation for hundreds of years, developing their own style of culture and trade. The country experienced some turbulent times in its history, once being ruled by feudal Shoguns in the Emperor's name but eventually the Imperial Court regained political power from these warring clans and the Empire of Japan became established, leading it into a period of expansion in the Asia region.

Following WWII, Japan built its economy not just from trade but also in manufacturing and production, this time, building itself a commercial empire. Large automotive and technological development companies boosted Japan’s wealth in the 60s and 70s, ensuring a stable economy.

But unlike the economy, the geology of Japan continued to be unstable, thanks to its association with the earth's tectonic plates. Now referred to as the ‘Ring of Fire’ Japan’s location on this ring meant that throughout its history Earthquakes and Sunami frequently appeared in the history books.

But by experiencing environmental tragedies and the recovery from such, has given the people of Japan a character of strength and resolve.

These periods of recovery ensured that each time, the re-build would be better and greater than before. Giving rise to ever-improving standards of quality and detail in what was built and produced. A quality synonymous with Japan to this day.

When you visit Japan and I hope you have that opportunity, you can observe such attention to detail in everyday experiences such as eating, strolling through the architecture of Japanese towns and cities, even the small but necessary process of cleaning and caring for the environment, has quality and an attention to detail in its execution.

Here at MotoKenko I hope to introduce you to as many of the delights and benefits of experiencing such a wonderful culture.


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