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One Off Cafe

Updated: Feb 29

A popular destination and not just for Kawasakis

Positioned on the beautiful coast overlooking the Seto Inland Sea and the islands of Tanga, Ie & Nishijima the One Off Cafe is ideal for a stop over when navigating the coastal roads heading west towards Aioi and beyond.

You will find the cafe situated right on the beach and on a second floor, which gives it a great vantage point to take in the views of the ocean while enjoying snacks and dishes chosen from a concise menu offering soups, salads and fried chicken etc. The Kawasaki theme comes from the owners passion in all things Kawasaki and you will find a variety of classic motorcycle model kits and themed memorabilia within.

After I had devoured a very tasty serving of fried chicken, cabbage, miso soup and a creamy fish croquette, it was rounded off with a coffee and chocolate (inc. ¥1200), which was accompanied by an amusing spoon which also doubles as a spanner for any tappet adjustments that might be needed before you get back on the road.

My lunch was served with a nice smile and a welcome greeting. And as I sat overlooking the beach was entertained with a volleyball match and practicing newby paddle boarders...always an amusing watch! (As I know from countless dives under the board when I first began, balancing your core...Lol).

After dining the custom seems to be, to take a photo of your machine in front of the cafe followed by a a quick post onto Instagram (#oneoffcafe). So I, of course, had to keep with tradition, see above. After that I mounted up and made my way along the coastal roads towards Sakoshi.

Fishing villages and oyster farms dotting the Seto Inland Sea.


1842-13 Mitsucho Kurosaki, Tatsuno, Hyogo 671-1301

〒671-1301 兵庫県たつの市御津町黒崎1842-13


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