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Updated: Aug 3, 2022

So... it's time to get the wheels turning again! UPDATE (09/09/2021) - DELAYED

Islands upon islands.

Last Monday, I at last received my second Covid jab. Yeehah!

I have been reluctant to travel too far and wide lately, because of the dreaded pandemic and have been dutifully trying to follow the Covid guidelines as instructed. Now that I have been fully inoculated, I feel that my freedom to roam is well overdue.

So it’s time to get out and see more of Japan, test out my new RedVerz tent and refresh my boy scout skills.

I’m heading to Shikoku Island and looking forward to enjoying a clockwise route, riding mainly along the coast roads. And why a clockwise route? Well, as we ride on the left side of the road here in Japan, that gives you the best views of the scenery and coastline uninterrupted by passing traffic, etc.

I will post as I ride (wireless signal permitting) and aim to visit some local businesses and landmarks along the way, trying to provide a taste of island life and of the locals that inhabit this beautiful part of southern Japan.

This may turn out into only a reconnaissance trip because the schools are on holiday, so that the campsites could get a little busy. The weather is not its best for camping either as the temperatures are normally 30oC during the day and 25oC at night. Include the 50% humidity and it will feel like 40oC! But I couldn’t wait any longer… sorry!

Please look out for my posts and some fresh images of motorcycle travel.

UPDATE (09/09/2021) - Delayed

Well... it was a plan! Due to the unfortunate, continuing rise in cases of the more transmittable Coronvirus delta variant. I thought it wise to delay my planned tour of Shikoku, even though I'm now vaccinated. There has been a request by prefectural governments not to cross between prefectures, now until the end of September 2021. So I thought that I should respect that request.

So... for now, I plan to stay within Hyogo prefecture and take a closer look at what presents itself on my own doorstep. And there is plenty to see! So please be patient as I return here with my stories and experiences.


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