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The start of any ride out should begin with a glass of water. Rain or shine the affects of dehydration can, soon, influence your ability to ride safely and smoothly.

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all hale the mighty vending machine

Now, of course, Japan is renowned for its high humidity, so combine that with high temperatures and it makes for a very sticky ride. And the body being wise knows how to cool itself, sweating! It’s easy to forget that the soaked shirt you're wearing is actually holding your own water. And it needs replacing! Also consider that we are, purely by the act of motorcycling (forward motion), producing our very own breeze and drawing out the moisture from our bodies.

Urine is a good indicator of how hydrated you are. Golden colour? You need more water. Get your urine to flow as if it’s the colour of a pure mountain stream… that’s the goal, and not a peaty Scottish burn!

And as we lose water, we also lose salts. Equally important is sodium chloride in the body as it helps transmit nerve signals, contract and relax muscles and absorb and transport nutrients… important in riding a motorcycle, huh!?

Fortunately for today’s riders there are a variety of water flasks, hydration bladders, water filtration systems and the good old cup or mug that you can install, carried or fixed to your motorcycle. It’s just a matter of remembering to fill these very containers before leaving for that ride out. And if you forget! Fortunately, here in Japan there is a backup plan.

As you ride around Japan, one obvious oasis of fluids you will notice in abundance, is the trusty vending machine. Not only does it contain cold drinks, but hot coffee and even corn soup. Every time I’ve used one on these plentiful machines, they have never let me down. Cold or warm drink supplied, change returned and a container alongside waiting to except your emptied recyclable bottle/container.

I have found the ideal drink during the warmer months is the humble sports drink, containing not just the fluids you need but also all of those important electrolytes. You can also get some of these drinks in powdered form, which are ideal for mixing with water and adding to your hydration bladder or water container.

So get out there and stay hydrated. Keeping you alert and more comfortable while riding those sweeping beds or navigating that commuter traffic. P. S. Pocari Sweat!

don't waste a drop!


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