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Updated: Apr 14, 2022

Not just a Cafe

A coffee & apple cinnamon walnut cake with a view!


Positioned in the northern suburbs of Osaka, this establishment redefines motorcycle cafes.

With its design and layout providing a very clean and stylish environment in which to enjoy tasty beverages accompanied by a selection of homemade styled sweets. If you feel the need for something a little more substantive then Bstand+ has it covered with their array of burgers and hot dogs. The menu maybe small but the food is of high quality and sourced with the environment and sustainability In mind.

Inside you'll find some exotic motorcycles, an area set aside displaying biker gear, surf wear and a photo pin up board to show that you were there!

When arriving by motorcycle I suggest you approach from the North (enjoying the mountain roads along the way) as the urban traffic in the area, can be a little busy. On arrival you will be greeted by a spacious enough car park and a covered outdoor seating area to welcome larger groups. If you check out their web site you can keep upto date with the many events that are hosted. From ride outs, cycle rides to social gatherings and educational courses.

The brain child of Kotaro Hirokane (Owner), who enjoys motorcycles and surf in equal measure has a vision to "sustainably coexist with nature, while also letting each customer experience the treasures in life". A great sentiment that he clearly implements with enthusiasm. Enjoy this modern setting that thankfully moves forward the publics perceptions of what motorcycling gatherings look like and provides a stepping stone for motorcycle groups to comfortably socialise in the 21st Century.

Ryo (the manager) with a very happy & friendly staff


535, Onoharanishi, Mino-shi, Osaka 562-0032

〒669-2424 兵庫県丹波篠山市後川下516


+81 072 734 7753


+81 072 734 7753

Web site

Opening hours

Monday 09:00-18:00

Tuesday 09:00-18:00

Wednesday Closed

Thursday 09:00-18:00

Friday 09:00-18:00

Saturday 09:00-18:00

Sunday 09:00-18:00

Last Orders at 17:00

Big screen gives you all the motorcycles and surf you might need!


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