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moto adventures

Hatsuka River, Hyogo Pref, Japan

MotoKenko invites you to join them for motorcycle ride outs, tours, social events, a few hikes here and there, along with some bike chat as we discover some of Japans hidden secrets. We'll ride/hike & talk about bikes & Japan while sharing some of life's experiences. No matter what size bike you ride, come along and enjoy something new.


When riding, Moto Adventures will focus on fun riding experiences, while speeds will be safe and relaxed. If you "feel the need for speed" then this might not be the group for you.


Due to the current pandemic any ride outs/events will follow social distancing & sanitisation guidelines. But thanks to the nature of motorcycling we will automatically be conforming to some of the those guidelines.


If you would also like to improve your english language skills while teaching MotoKenko a thing or two about the Japanese language, then help will be on hand. Even if you think your language skills maybe limited, we still have one common language to share and that's.... BIKES!


Please feel free to visit the Meetup web site to find information about any future and completed events.

MotoKenko Moto Adventures look forward to meeting you.... soon.


Ride Safe.


Please ensure the following if you wish to become a member of this group:


Your motorcycle carries the correct insurance for legal road use.


Your motorcycle is road worthy and in a safe condition to operate.


To ride safely with due care for fellow riders in the group and other road users.


Please arrive with (as close to) a FULL TANK of fuel, as is possible, when attending ride outs/tours.


You are a proficient and safe rider of the motorcycle that you will be using during the ride outs.


During ride outs please follow the directions of the lead rider to assist in providing a safer riding environment and reduce that chances of becoming separated from the group.


If you are unfamiliar with the route/area of the ride out, it is suggested that you bring some kind of GPS or a phone with a navigation app installed (one that you are competent in using). So that if you become separated from the group you are able to navigate home or return to the group.

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